Saturday, April 25, 2009

An extra special book

25 April 2009

Suprise suprise suprise.

I got a book in the mail today.

Title: Devin Reed Family 2009: My Daddy is on a trip!

Written and published by Liz Reed.

This book is a hard bound childrens book, with pictures of the Reed family.

It is a real treasure, a priceless piece of memorablia which, in my always humble opinion, is the best way to create family histories and memories. You should contact her and get one made for yourself.

I love the fact that she thought enough of me, to send me one. If I knew how to make and post pictures, I would show it to you. But alas, all I can do is write about it.

Thank you Liz and Devin for this priceless gift.

Paul B. Mills

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Liz said...

Thank you, Dad. I don't have grandchildren, but I do have kids...and because ours are so precious and important to us, I would hope to imagine they are precious and important to you as well.

Because they will eventually grow up and none of us will always have them near, a few books with pictures of memories can help to keep them close.

The Motely Crew from Texas

The Motely Crew from Texas
This is the family picture we took just before Nathaniel went into the Air Force.

Ferry Trip to Galveston

Ferry Trip to Galveston
I am going to miss you Nathaniel. I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be for Ashley the six weeks Nathaniel is gone. So glad we got to spend time as a family at the beach with him. We all love him so much.