Monday, May 11, 2009


You know yesterday was Mother's Day and I really did have a wonderful Mother's Day even if we celebrated it early. It was a quiet day for Paul and Dylan and I as we had just taken Nathaniel, Ashley and Baby Kyleigh to the airport in Houston as they had been here for a week visiting us. It was such a joy to have them home.

I really think that everyday that you get to see or be there for your children and grandchildren is Mother's get to see them grow and progress is such a blessing. To just have them in your life is so wonderful words can not express it. I look at my sons, my step-daughters and my grandchildren and am so proud of them. The Love they show Paul and I is so awesome!

Liz was just here too with Devin and the boys before Devin shipped out and what a joy it was to have them here. I have missed them so much.

The time spent with Lil' Kyleigh Bug and Nathan and my lil'Muncha Bunch Matthew was just wonderful. They all are growing so fast. I am hoping soon that we will see Hunter and Mikayla on our way to Calif., and that Conner might be able to stay with us again this summer.

Having Nathaniel and Roman both call on Mother's day was just the icing on the cake after a wonderful month of having some of our kids and grandkids here for a visit. I feel so blessed to also have been able to spend time with my beautiful sister and her daughters recently in California. My only wish would be that my mother could have been there with us. I know she loves us and watches over us always. I love and miss her so much at times it hurts...but Thank God I have such a wonderful sister!

Oh yeah and I have a grand-daughter Kyleigh who I just found out snorts when she laughs too! Just like all the other women in my family...yes Gina, Brigetta and Anne that includes you! It was too funny to hear that coming from such a little one! But I loved it!

Ashley is doing such a wonderful job with her...she is such a happy baby and such a pleasure to be around. Course the fact that she looks just like her Daddy with her mommy's eyes doesnt hurt either...LOL

Seems interesting to have a day where our children honor us when the Lord has seen fit to bless us with such wonderful children. What and honor and a privilege it has been and continues to be, to be a Mother!

Thank-you Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ name for my family and the love that we have for one another!


Liz said...

Such a sweet post! This will be good to remember these little things later on. So glad we could visit and bug you! It is nice to be missed and loved so dearly. Thanks! Happy mommy Monday!

ashley singh said...

beautiful post! We need a new post lady!!!

The Motely Crew from Texas

The Motely Crew from Texas
This is the family picture we took just before Nathaniel went into the Air Force.

Ferry Trip to Galveston

Ferry Trip to Galveston
I am going to miss you Nathaniel. I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be for Ashley the six weeks Nathaniel is gone. So glad we got to spend time as a family at the beach with him. We all love him so much.