Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Rambling On and on and on

Okay so this comes from the Heart and yes I know I will just be rambling on and much has happened to me and in my life in the last 4 months...Today as I sit here I want to say that on this Day which just happens to be my Mother's birtday I want to hope that she is smiling because my Sister Anne and I have reconnected and now after 45 years we have such a wonderful loving, sisterly bond and rapport with each other. I know my mother had a hand in it from the beginning getting us back together. There have been so many strong women in our family from my grandmothers on both sides and then my Beautiful Mother. There are also many strong women who are an extentsion of her...namely my sister Anne and her beautiful daughters, Gina and Brigetta who are also very loving. We also have a new up and coming generation of women starting with Brielle (Anne's grandaughter from Gina) and then to baby Kyleigh (my grandaughter from Nathaniel)... It is a testament to my mother that my sister and I managed to raise 5 wonderful children between us who are so amazing...and both of us as single mothers for way too long! The love and respect we have for our children could only have come from our mother. She was and always will be the force within us that has allowed us to love beyond measure no matter what life has dealt us personally. I will always remember sitting in her hospital bed and watching her color in a coloring book for me before she died and knowing that I was loved. Happy Birthday MOM...I love you lots and lots and bunches of lots!

Oh my goodness the laughter that my sister and I share is incredible... There are so many times that we are laughing at a phone so hard that we both have pee'd our pants. It is so funny that two women can live 2000 miles apart and yet chat on the phone like they are next to each other for hours on end. I know my son Dylan and my husband Paul think I have lost my mind at times...and it must look hysterical too, because usually I am cleaning the kitchen or baking while I am talking to her. Most would think I was talking to myself I am sure. I have so enjoyed having my sister be a part of my life and to be able to share so much with her. We have had 45 years of making up and catching up to do too...and it has and is so much fun. With everything else we have had to deal with concerning my dad this has been such a blessing to reconnect the way we have. Lord help anyone who tries to come between us again...LOL Now I just have to get a picture of her from Gina and then I will post it on here too...Thank you Thank you Thank you Heavenly Father for my Mother and my sisters and all the women in our family!
Oh yes and one more thing can someone please tell us how to use our new cell phones before we both lose our minds...and why oh why does it tell me that Anne is "null" when ever I try to send her a text message...LOL

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Transparent Mama said...

This made me cry. I am so happy for you and mom. God can use all things for good and it looks like he has done just that. I'm so excited to read your blog. I'll get to keep up with what is going on with you.

The Motely Crew from Texas

The Motely Crew from Texas
This is the family picture we took just before Nathaniel went into the Air Force.

Ferry Trip to Galveston

Ferry Trip to Galveston
I am going to miss you Nathaniel. I can't even imagine how hard it is going to be for Ashley the six weeks Nathaniel is gone. So glad we got to spend time as a family at the beach with him. We all love him so much.